Our Fees


Fee Structure Comparisions to VCs
Membership Free No direct acesss to opportunities
Management Fees Currently waiving 1-2% annual fee over 8-10 years
Expenses 5% Between 4-6% but not capped
Carried Interest 15% from the sale of shares of an Israeli private company, provided that certain conditions are Carried interest – typically 20%


Illustrative examples for a $100K investment:

ROI $500K $0K
Investment in startup $95K $95K
Expenses upfront $5K $5K
Managemenet Fees $0 $0
Carried interest $60K $0
Net proceeds upon exit $440K $0




Management fee: A periodic payment, typically 1-2% per year for investment and portfolio management services

Expenses: Fees paid for setup, structuring, and advisory services

Carried interest: A share in the profits of an investment