Investment Process


1. Browse Investment Opportunities

  • Accredited investors receive full access to the A+CROWD platform. Non accredited investors receive limited access as mandated by regulation.
  • Browse our ‘investment-ready’ portfolio and read up on company information.
  • Join our webinars featuring each startup team and follow the activities of other A+CROWD investors you trust.


2. Select your investment

  • Decide how much you would like to invest. Be sure to consider your personal risk profile and investment experience.
  • Check your email for wiring instructions. All funds are held in an escrow account until the fundraising round closes. If this is your first investment through A+CROWD, you may be required to provide additional compliance information.
  • Wire your commitment. Note that 5% of the wired amount will be used to pay for setup, advisory and administrative fees. Upon exit, A+CROWD will be entitled to 15% carried interest on profits from the investments.


3. Monitor your investment

  • Once the target amount is raised, your commitment is transferred to the startup in exchange for securities in the company. These securities are held by A+CROWD on your behalf.
  • If the target amount is not reached, all funds are returned to you. Stay informed about the startup with regular updates from A+CROWD. As your shareholder proxy, A+CROWD manages all administrative issues such as distributing funds and communicating your rights.